I am a mother of a tween

Today my first born is 11-years-old. Geez, how did I get to be a mother of a tween? It may be cliché but, seriously?

Alex at 11
It’s good to be eleven!

Her birthday cake of choice: Angel Food Cake (high altitude recipe here)

Ever try to bake an Angel Food Cake from scratch? It is a high maintenance cake. And hell if you don’t whip the meringue into submission you’ll end up with a flat, dense cake. Try number one was a bit dense but tasty.

I turned to YouTube for tips because I was going to figure this out! Why can’t I bake a “simple” Angel Food Cake? I had to dig out my stand mixer that I hadn’t used in so long it had a thick layer of dust had formed. Try number two was perfect! I was doing my happy dance in the kitchen. And then…disaster. I had a little cake-fall-out-of-the-pan mishap.

Try number three? Two words: King Soopers. I fought the cake and the cake won.

angel food cake
We added a little glaze to the store bought cake…yum

Eleven is a big deal. It’s the end of elementary school. Next year is middle school, which I hear is scary, for her and me. She is becoming a young lady. There are so many things I want her to remember. Like, when things get tough: this is only a moment. It won’ last forever. Or, the interests and hobbies you have today will be different next week, next year, 5 years from now. It’s okay to explore everything that interests you.

It is things like that that prompted my gift to her.

things to know at eleven
Eleven things you need to know at eleven

Eleven Things to Know at Eleven Book:
(I saw a similar list somewhere in the blogosphere. I wish I could credit her with this idea. )

  1. I love YOU
  2. I am your biggest fan
  3. Keep your panties on at all times
  4. Don’t do drugs, alcohol or cigarettes
  5. Be you…everyone else is already taken
  6. As your parent I will say no, so that you can say yes to wonderful things
  7. Don’t be afraid to be smart
  8. Learn to bake (especially Angel Food Cake)
  9. Friendship and popularity are not the same thing
  10. Love your sister
  11. Never stop having fun
  12. And one to grow on…When in doubt, pray!
eleven things to know at eleven
#7 Don’t be afraid to be smart

With each “thing to know” I added my own journaling, or pearls of motherly wisdom, for Alexandra. This is totally a book she will keep forever in her hoard.

book for your eleven year old girl
#9 Friendship and popularity are not the same thing

She is constantly leaving me little “love notes” on my iPhone or iPad’s Notepad app. I hope she doesn’t stop doing that.

everything you need to know at 11
#1 I love YOU

She is such a great kid with a big future ahead of her. I love seeing the lady she is becoming.

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