Simple Things Sunday

Just got back from getting acupuncture for my sinus issues. I was out for the count all day yesterday with a sinus headache that felt more like someone stabbing me in the temple. About 17-18 needles later and I am a world better. Seriously, acupuncture is a huge blessing in my life. I only wish I had explored it sooner.

Okay…now onto Simple Things Sunday.

lincoln logs
Lincoln Logs

Like I said, I was out of it all day Sunday. Hubby and the girls pulled out our Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys sets, and set up camp on the living room floor.

Tinker Toys
Tinker Toys

These sets have been up in the closet and hadn’t seen the light of day for…I don’t know how long. Such a simple thing entertained the girls (and hubby) for almost 2 hours. Then, this morning, while I laid on the couch (my eyes half open) watching the inauguration, Parker played with the Lincoln Logs for about another 2 hours!


Simple Things

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