Project Life | Week 3

Alex has decided as of mid-March she will hang up her competitive skates. She doesn’t want to compete or test anymore. She has been skating since she was 4-years-old. For 7 years she has eat/breathed/slept ice skating. She’ll still skate…but just for fun. She is ready to move on to gymnastics. Ready to explore her options. And that’s okay.

The girls have been getting along so well lately. I ready just can’t get over it! The planets must be aligned.


Right now I have been preoccupied with my dear friend’s breast cancer diagnosis. She has more testing to do before she decides a course of action. I am trying not to worry about it until she gives me all the test results. Until she tells me it’s time to worry. The early indications are that it is stage 1. Which is good. If you have to hear the word “cancer”, it’s best to follow it up with the words “stage 1”. She really has no choice to beat this. I refuse to lose another friend. That’s all there is to it.

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