Everyday Life.

I always said I would never start a blog post off with, “Nothing much has been going on here.”  Mostly because that is never really true. There is always lots of stuff going on.

What I should say is, “There is too much going on, but not much I want to blog about.”

It’s just everyday life.

Hubby got an injection in his back in an attempt to help with the pain in his hip. He was in so much pain for 5 days that he couldn’t even walk. And, because it was the holidays, he couldn’t get a doctor to prescribe pain killers. You can imagine he was in an excellent mood. He finally got some relief from the pain, not his mood.

shampoo carpets
After removing all the furniture, I shampooed the carpet in Parker’s room.

Exciting, right?

Bills computer
I started learning QuickBooks and entering all of hubby’s invoices from last year.

Again, yawn.

Parker award
Parker received a school award for Caring.

Because she is a caring girl. Her classmates voted for her in the Caring and Generosity category.

Pie with blackberries.

I took to the kitchen for a little stress baking and made cream pie from scratch. Pie makes everything better.

There is a lot more that is going on, of course. There always is. It’s life.

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