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When you think of your childhood during Christmas time, what comes to mind?

When we were growing up, our mom always filled a glass jar with this mixture: peanuts, M&M’s and raisins. This glass jar always sat on the coffee table for a quick grab treat. I don’t know why but this simple thing sticks in my mind, and speaks December to me. This year I decided to make the mixture and load in recycled frappuccino bottles for a quick gift for neighbors and friends.

december daily

december dailySo, how I did it: Drink and enjoy the Frappaccinos. Then, wash the frappaccino bottles and lids really, really well. You can use Starbucks® Frappaccino bottles but I found the sticker labels are hard to get off cleanly. So, I used Target Archer Farms® Frappaccino bottles. Their labels are more of a shrink-wrap kind. All you have to do is cut the label off the bottle. Easy-peasy.

Spray paint the lids red; don’t spray paint the inside of the lids. Once dry, add a round sticker label to the top of the lid (also bought at Target in the Christmas stationary isle). In a large bowl mix a bag of red and green M&M’s, cocktail peanuts (you could use dry roasted instead) and raisins. I didn’t measure it out, I just eyeballed it. Fill the jars, add ribbon and viola!

Happy snacking!

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