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Um, isn’t it December in Colorado? You wouldn’t know it by the weather we’ve been having lately!

december daily

It was so warm today that when I was out running errands I actually turned on the air conditioning in the van.

It looks like Sunday is our best chance for snow and seasonal weather. Did you know that November is Colorado’s 2nd snowiest month with approximately 17 inches of snow fall? This year we had around 1.5 inches. That is why the High Country is making their snow for the ski resorts. This is particularly distressing for us because if we don’t get enough snow this season, we won’t have enough run-off next spring and summer, and that in turn, will force the Denver metro area to implement strict water restrictions. Hubby makes his living by watering everyone’s lawn and making it pretty with landscaping. No water. No landscape and sprinkler systems. No work.

Anyone know a good snow dance?

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