Every vote counts!

I am not talking the Presidential race here! This will be a much easier choice to make.

Last week I entered a little Christmas card design contest over at Becky Higgins’ blog. And this morning I was notified that one of my designs made the Top 25! Super sweet!

Now I need a favor…head over to Becky’s Facebook page and vote for the Top 10.

Vote for your favorite; there are a lot of fabulous designs. Or, vote for mine. (Hint: it’s the one with the red background that says “wishing you love peace hope and joy” see above.) If my design is voted into the Top 10? Well, it means you really, really like me. Just kidding. It’s pretty awesome to be nominated on Becky’s blog.

What’s in it for you? Well, once the top 10 is chosen you can download the Christmas card templates for FREE from Becky! Who doesn’t love free?

Why are you still here? Go vote!

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