Autumn Weekend…

I love autumn. I love the falling leaves, the crunch under foot, the colors & smell.

I hate the fall allergies we all seem to get. Saturday morning Parker woke up feeling sick with allergies again. She had stayed home from school on Thursday because she felt so miserable. So, I gave her some meds and we laid down on the couch. She laid on top of me and promptly fell back to sleep. Since I couldn’t move, I was forced to watch St. Elmo’s Fire. (Yes, forced!)

As a teenager I had a celebrity crush on Andrew McCarthy. Did you know he writes for Travel + Leisure magazine now? Anyhoo…

I drove the girls to meet up with friends at Chatfield Reservoir for a weekend of camping. I dropped them off, then I went back home to sleep in my own bed where I was warm and cozy. The girls love camping for some reason. Obviously they didn’t get that love from me!

Alex missed my soooo much. She texted me for half the night. Sunday, I drove back down to pick them up. Alex and I walked around Chatfield Res. The smell of the lake brought back childhood memories. There is something about the smell of a lake that is calming. She needed to spend time with me and talk. Drama.

Sparkles on the lake.

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