The weekend is always better with cake!

It’s a long 4-day weekend for the girls with no school on Friday and Monday. And it started with a bang!

Alex had major girl drama with her BFF. They are only 10 & 11; how much drama could there be? Hurtful words were exchanged, feelings were hurt, cell phones were taken.

Then, at parent-teacher conference I found out that this girl-drama is going on at school too. More than I knew. Nope, my little angel isn’t perfect. Now what do I do? I do know this: Being pre-teen is hard. These girls are learning how to navigate friendships and social groupings. I can’t fix it. I can only be there to listen. Guide her. And, hopefully the teacher will have that talk with them and get them straightened out. (Just kidding, mostly.)

The sad news that Jessica Ridgeway’s body was positively identified came late Friday. We all knew it and cried still. Cried for her family. Cried for the sweet girl whose life was taken too soon. Cried for our children in the neighborhood. This is too close to home and everyone has a tight rein on their kids.

Parker had her 6th birthday party at Hyland Hills Gymnastics. The kids had a blast and at only $8 a kid, I was one happy mama.

She wanted a luau too, so we ordered a beach-theme cupcake cake. Note the icing on the candle? Yeah, it broke. It was Alex’s quick thinking to “glue” it back together with icing. Smart kid!

Parker swinging off the swing into the foam pit. I wish I had a picture of hubby doing a flip off the beam into the pit! If we haven’t been married for 17 years I would have been like, “Hey, baby! Wanna go out tonight?” Instead, I held my breath in hopes that the ER wasn’t the next stop.

Blowing out the candles on her actual birthday.

Her choice for dinner: hot wings. Yummy!

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  1. The cupcakes look yummy too! I don’t envy you having to raise ore terns. What am I saying! I am doing that too! Stay calm


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