Pumpkins and Apple Pie

This weekend Alex spend the night with friends, and then it was off to the circus the next day. It was a good distraction from everything that is going on here in Westminster, CO. Our hearts are heavy with thoughts of Jessica Ridgeway. (please see the next post for her pictures)

While big sis was away, I asked Parker what she wanted to do this weekend.

The answer: make an apple pie!

Where does she get this stuff?

apple pie

I really need to get a pastry brush instead of using our BBQ brush! We used Gala apples for the pie, and pre-made Pillsbury dough, ’cause it’s easier with an impatient 6-year-old.

Parker was very proud of herself. She did everything except peel and chop the apples. Basically she did the easy part.


Sunday was a stark contrast to the cold front on Friday. It was really fun and relaxing walking the pumpkin fields with Parker. My mood was dampened when I heard and saw the helicopters in the sky searching for clues to find Jessica. I am reminded how blessed we all are to have our children. And I pray for her mom.

Which one do I pick? Parker took her sweet time choosing the perfect pumpkins for our front porch.


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