Photography Assignment: Sweet

This week’s DPS photography assignment: SWEET

Apple pie cupcake
Pumpkin spice cupcake
Spice cupcake
Cupcake with a Vintage Photoshop Effect applied

Yesterday it was 80 degrees. Today it is freezing in Colorado. We got our first official snow. It was just a dusting. Looked kind of like powder sugar on the ground.

Which got me thinking about sweets.

The photography assignment this week from DPS is “sweet”.  That could be interrupted as “sweet” baby, “sweet” puppy, “sweet” anything. But my mind went directly to food. Thus, I picked up these sweet cupcakes from the local Parisian Bakery. The Apple Pie cupcake was delish! I saved the other two cupcakes for my girls, although they won’t appreciate the delicate flavors.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

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