My house is falling apart.

The door bell broke last night. Really? Just add that to my ever growing honey-do list.

The list: I’ve got the upstairs shower faucet that has not worked since May, despite the fact that a plumber came out not once, but twice! The garbage disposal needs replaced. The doorknob to the back door is installed improperly. There is a stinky smell coming from the upstairs sink drain. No doubt a lot of clumped up hair. The light over the sink hasn’t worked in years. And, finally, now that the garage is built, I would really love to get the fridge out of my walk-in closet.

I need a good laugh!

Banana Slicer on Amazon. Must read the comments!

FML: Your Random Funny Stories. Hilarious!

6 thoughts on “My house is falling apart.

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  1. At least you gave me a good laugh. Just like the lady parked next to me at mickey d said to her kids as she had to go in an get the forgotten straws ” don’t tear up the car while I am gone”-


      1. OK….This is NOT the good laugh you requested ! I know who your Dad is (if it is broken or not working properly , it is a project) When I was a younger mother , I had to do most of my repairs and replacements on my own , since my ex was always gone (working) I found a DIY manual for households at a garage sale.. I lived with that thing by my side . You are very smart and talented and I know if I am now making decent money as a Maintenance Engineer Attendant doing faucets , simple electric replacements , toilet repairs and countless other things YOU CAN TOO ! especially since you are your Dads daughter. Just Sayin’ LOVE YA !


  2. Kathleen, the name of that book would be “Home Repair for Dummies”? And, sorry to say, I did not get Dad’s genes when it comes to this stuff. There is only one thing to do…you guys need to move here! HA


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