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Finally, I got out-of-town and into the mountains I love! This past weekend was possibly the last chance to see the Aspens in all their glory of gold and orange. Taking the advice of a friend we headed up Hwy 119 from Boulder to Nederland, Colorado.

fall photography

I posted over on my travel blog about hiking Boulder Falls, Rainbow Lakes and Aspen peeping.  I hope that you will join me over there!


I went back to Denver Botanic Gardens on Monday and tried out a few more photography tricks that I learned in my workshop last week.

photoraphy tricks

Generally I use a Circular Polarizer Filter to bring out the brilliant fall colors in leaves or punch up a blue sky. But, did you know you can use it to bring down the glare on leaves, water or water droplets? I didn’t. As you can see from the left to the right image above, the effect can be subtle but well worth using.


My favorite part of the Denver Botanic Gardens? Monet Pond. I could sit here all day. The water looks like a black mirror. Right now the Gardens have a special exhibit: Kizuna West Meet East. I used a polarizing filter to cut the glare on the water and punch up the contrast.

water lilies

Water lilies at Monet Pond.


Water feature at Anna’s Overlook.


View of Kizuna bamboo installation at Anna’s Overlook.

“Kizuna, meaning “the bonds between people” in Japanese, celebrates the profound influence Japan has had on the West with a presentation of large site-specific art installations in bamboo by internationally-known artists Tetsunori Kawana and Stephen Talasnik.” ~Denver Botanic Gardens

The exhibit runs through November 4, 2012.

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