Weekend happenings via Instagram

Loving my iPhone. It’s a 4 but I love it. Really loving Instagram…

honey crisp apples

Sweet Honey-crisp apples. They smell and taste so sweet.

The house down the street had a garage sale. Didn’t look like they sold much. So, at the end of the day they posted a sign that read “Help Yourself”. My kids did. They gave a home to a few of the stuffed animals. Like they need more stuffed animals.

These are a few of Parker’s new favorites from the garage sale, although the pink penguin (Pinkie) and the black bear (Lil’ Smoky) were adopted in Tennessee.

One thought on “Weekend happenings via Instagram

  1. Stuffed animals ! They seem to multiply when girls are their ages. I finally found some colorful netting and strung it near the ceiling over their beds……..til we donated them a few years later.


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