A wonderful rainy day…

Yesterday it rained most of the day. In my heaven it will rain everyday.

So, after doing my morning cleaning there was nothing else to do but head outside with an umbrella and my camera.

rain on leaves

rain drops on roses

rain photos

Thor doesn’t care that it is raining; he still wants to play ball!

dog grooming

Rocco went to the salon. He is such a pretty boy. I wanted the usual poodle-looking groom, but I was out-voted by the family. They like him looking more like a teddy bear.

I had to shampoo the carpets in Parker’s room because he keeps peeing in there! I can have the back door open all day long and he’ll still sneak in the bedroom and pee. What is up with that? It’s a good thing he is cute.

soup for dinner

For dinner: Lasagna Soup. Surprisingly, the family voted this a “keeper”. Even my 10-year-old semi-vegetarian loved it. And, even though she whined when she found out we were trying something new for dinner. I think they could eat the same seven dinners every week! She even had a few tears in her eyes…such a drama queen. But I used my guilt trip skills and she relented into trying the soup. She did suggest I could make it better by using more meat. So now she’s a food critic?

URGENT REQUEST: If you haven’t done so already, please head over to Change.org and sign my dear friend’s petition to Stop Child Molesters.

Yesterday she called me, frantic. She just received an email that her ex-husband will be released from prison in January. He is a convicted child pornographer and he molested their young daughter. When released he will serve about six months in a halfway house that is one and a half hour drive from his now grown daughter. After that he will be on probation for three years.

What makes her so frantic is the thought that he will be allowed to live in the same town as his daughter/victim (who also has a young daughter with another on the way). He has family in that town who are willing to take him in after he is released. What guarantee is there that he will stay away from his daughter/victim? He has yet to take responsibility for his own actions. Fourteen years later and he is still in denial.

There is no doubt that the system is broken when it comes to child molesters and child pornographers. I don’t have the answer but I do know that any little thing you can do, you should do it. So, if not for my friend but for future children…please sign the petition. If one child is spared the pain from a molester, it is worth it!

You can also read her story at Protect Our Children.

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