Garage Expansion

Finally! The two-car garage is finished. And it only took all summer…

exterior house colors

Above, before color scheme and, below, the final color scheme. Um, the “before” picture is about 8 years old. It even shows the hedges in front of the house before the front porch was completed. Oddly, I think our house looks larger.

We went from a cramped one-car garage that I couldn’t even open the van doors once it was parked inside. Now, we have a spacious 2-car garage that I am sure my hubby will fill with all kinds of tools!

exterior house

The huge tree in the front yard got a good trimming too. Maybe that is why the house looks larger to me…you can actually see it!

2 car garage

The new 2-car garage. Love the carriage lights and the windows on the door. I am wishing the trim color was a little darker, but there is no way I am re-painting it now! The paint color is called Pony Tail.

carriage lights

The carriage lights at night.


Now that the nights are getting cooler, Alex was chillin’ on the front porch doing homework. I love our front porch…

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