Photography Assignment: 50mm

I have been busy reading books that will advance my photography. It is a passion that has followed me throughout my life, but admittedly, I have become lazy in my technique. So, advancing my technique is my goal. I would love to make money in photography somehow, particularly in macro. Can I make money taking macro photos of bugs?

Enter Digital Photography School. It’s an awesome and informative website for photographers wanting it advance their skills. Every week they post a new photography assignment. This week it was 50mm focal point. I found this assignment a huge challenge. Since I had to fight the urge to use my macro setting on my camera! Setting my lens at 50mm forced me to get close and not rely on the macro setting. But, overall I think I may have gotten at least a B+?

bug and flower

seed pod

flower close up

sedd pod

nature photography

Capture Simple Beauty.

I got in my morning walk too. All these photos were taken at the Butterfly Pavilion’s nature trail in Westminster, CO. It’s really peaceful walking there. There was no one else on the trail. I was alone to explore. Thinking. Create.

All the photos from this assignment are on my 50mm assignment photostream.

Technical Stuff: f/8, ISO-100, 50mm focal point, using Sony A290

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