Don’t be an Unglued Mama!

Do you come unglued?

Unglued with your kids for not finding their shoes. Unglued with your hubby/wife/significant other for not taking out the trash in a timely fashion. Unglued at the traffic jam in front of you that is making you late for whatever. Unglued with the guy behind the fast food counter who gets your order wrong.

Who isn’t guilty of coming unglued, right? Sometimes more than once a day.

Want to stop coming unglued?

Webcast #1: K-LOVE and New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst presents the “Unglued” Webcast to help you make everyday life decisions in the midst of raw emotions. The conference is based on Lysa’s new book Unglued and is hosted by K-LOVE’s Amy Baumann, Amanda Carroll, Kelli Caldwell and Lauren Lee. Get a taste of the book and utilize the resources to help you from keeping “unglued.”

unglued webcast

Check out the webcast with Lysa at K-Love. It is awesome!

You can also get chapter 1 and 2 of Lysa’s book by the same title for free. Or, if you really want a to take steps to change, take the “No more unlglued mama challenge” today.

Don’t miss the second Unglued Webcast tonight (Thursday, August 30 at 8 p.m. EST) on Lysa’s Blog.

Pause before you come unglued. And, remember, quoting Lysa, “Bad moments don’t make bad mamas.” (she’s so wise). So, don’t beat yourself up, just work on changing your mindset to be the mama God knows you are.

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