Not another sport…

Alex had a figure skating competition last weekend. She placed 4th. Not bad. She doesn’t want to compete any more this year. Even though one of her goals was to compete at Regionals in October.

Because she is obsessed with gymnastics.

Not another sport…

She took a gymnastics day camp this summer and loved it. She won’t give up ice skating; that is in her blood. But she wants to do both.

A few questions/concerns come to mind: Will performing in two sports over-schedule her? Should we foster her love of sports even if it means less down-time for everyone? Is it okay to switch goals mid-season?

Look at that smile. She loves it. She was moved up to Team Level 3 this week.

I am sure her cousin, Shelby could give her some pointers!

A big finish

Parker has already decided to give her skating lessons a rest and try gymnastics too. She says skating is “boring”. She has always been easily distracted. Like the time she said she was going to run off to join the circus. I think Parker could really love gymnastics. She is always flipping of my furniture, the swing set in the backyard, or anything she can. I wonder if Shawn Johnson’s mom told her to “stop it!” twenty times a day?

A shout out to my nephew, Chance! He broke his foot last week running track. And, people say gymnastics and ice skating is dangerous. I hope you get your cast off before your birthday, and are out there running soon! At least you didn’t break your foot doing something stupid. That would have been embarrassing. And who knows, maybe you’ll get some sympathy from a cute girl and she’ll carry your books for you.

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    1. Aw, you’re a sweetheart. Like Alex said, “At least I am not sitting the couch eating chips and watching TV!” I can’t argue with that.


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