This week in our life.

How much stuff do you need to pack for a 7 day trip? Well, when you have kids, you can never over pack!

We are on our way to Tennessee, and thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, we are staying here:

gatlinburg, tn

Be back in a week with all the details.

Parker lost her first tooth yesterday. It was very traumatic. The first one always is. We registered for school too. So exciting…18 days and counting! Alex told me that this was the most fun she has had during summer vacation. That’s so funny, because I had GRAND PLANS for this summer, and we did very little on the summer to-do list. She must be talking about the sleeping until 9 a.m.!

We have a pumpkin bloom from the seeds we planted earlier in the season. I am not much of a gardener, so we’ll see in October if it actually turns into a pumpkin. It’s been raining almost every afternoon for about 4 days. It’s a nice relief from the 95 degree days, but unfortunately, the rain doesn’t stick around. It’s just gets hot and muggy. It looks like the weather forecast in Tennessee will be pretty much the same as Colorado. Except, Tennessee has more humidity at the start than Colorado. {sigh.}

School shoe shopping with the kids. Since I hadn’t bought a new pair of tennis shoes kicks in about, oh, 10 years, I picked up a pair too. My 10-year-old helped me pick them out. Every pair I tried on she said, “Those are old lady shoes!” Five pairs of tennis shoes kicks later…she deemed these shoes “not-old-lady-shoes”. I guess I am hip after all?

Love: Gabby Douglas giving the glory to God for her Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.

**I was informed by my lil’ sis that the kids are alling them “kicks” these days, not “tennis shoes”! Which proves that I am not really hip after all.

5 thoughts on “This week in our life.

  1. my kids say calling them ”tennis shoes” is only what old people call them. so those are your new kicks sis


  2. Have a GREAT time!….Alexs comment….It might have something to do with a “HIP” Mom being around just because , to-do list or not LOL


  3. Talk about being old. How come people you know always look like they have aged; but you hope you don’t look like you have when they see you?


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