Date Night at Panzano

For  his birthday, my hubby requested a food tasting at a local restaurant. I guess watching Top Chef has him thinking that there is more out there to eat besides meat and potatoes. After much debate we finally decided on Panzano at Hotel Monaco in Downtown Denver.

What I mean by “much debate” is that hubby’s birthday was in February! We really need to make more time for date nights in our house. How does it happen that once you have kids the dating stops? I really envy those couples who make a once a week date night, or the very least, once a month.

pan seared scallops and risotto

It was an adventure for both of us. We ate food that we wouldn’t normally order from a menu.

You can read the complete food review here…

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  1. That looks delicious, my hubby is a fan of Iron Chef too, he loves to go eat at fancy restaurants. We were just vacationing in Denver a few weeks ago, we ate out at PF Chang’s. We had lettuce wraps (good) and some sort of melon, shrimp and rice dish. It was too sweet for my tastes. I tried the plum wine, it was too sweet also.


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