Summer Favorite: Cherries

summer fruit

Every year I look forward to summer, not because summer is my favorite season; far from it, it’s my 3rd favorite. Summer means it’s CHERRY SEASON!

Cherries also remind of my childhood. How many hot summer days did my little sister and I climb the cherry tree in our backyard and pluck the sweet fruit from the branches, popping them in our mouths?

Besides, cherries are a “super fruit” that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Just the other day I heard on The Doctors that cherries aid in losing weight. One cup is only 87 calories, and 3 grams of fiber. (Who couldn’t use more fiber in their diet?) Eating cherries has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and aid in the prevention of  memory loss, and much more.

All that is even more reason to eat up this summer! We buy 2-3 large cartons at Costco a week. Yes, eat that many in the summer!

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