Colorado Forest Fires: UPDATE

Colorado Forest Fires
Source: Colorado Connection

Today: Record high of 102° (the average is 85°)

12 14 Forest Fires Burning in Colorado:

  1. Waldo Canyon Fire: 11,000 people (all of Manitou Springs) evacuated, estimated 300 acres burning, 400 firefighters on scene, Colorado Springs. UPDATE: Colorado Springs Proper evacuated tonight, Historic Flying W Ranch burned to the ground, homes are on fire. 346 homes burned to the ground, grown to 18,500 acres thus far.
  2. Weber Fire: 7,500 acres, 100 homes evacuated
  3. Little Sand Fire:  19,566 acres, 31% containment, been burning since May 13th!
  4. High Park Fire: 82,000 acres, 85% containment
  5. Woodland Heights Fire (Estes Park): 20 acres, 75% containment
  6. CR102 Fire: 600 acres, 90% containment
  7. Springer Fire: 1,145 acres, 100% containment
  8. Sunrise Mine Fire: 3,000 acres
  9. State Line Fire: 350 acres, 15% containment
  10. Trout Creek Fire: in Pike National Forest, 20 acres
  11. New Treasure Fire: 300 acres, 5% containment
  12. Weber Canyon Fire: As of 10 p.m. tonight, this makes the 12th fire!
  13. Flagstaff Fire: Boulder, 300 acres burned, 30% containment, pre-evacuation ordered
  14. Pine Ridge Fire: Near Eagle, I-70 closed, 4 acres
boulder fire
Flagstaff Fire from Stanley Lake in Westminster, Colorado. photo by jstunkard.

Hot and dry conditions are making fighting these fires difficult. And, to make matters worse, there is no significant rain in the forecast to lend a helping hand. The residents in Manitou Springs got the evacuation call at 1 a.m. this morning. Can you imagine getting that call when you are fast asleep? What possessions would you choose to grab?

These fires are hard on our sinuses. The smoke from the fires located north and south of Denver make it hard to see the mountains. There is a state-wide personal fireworks ban. (I hope my neighbors are paying attention to that ban.) It looks to be a very long fire season.

All we can do is pray for help. Almighty kind of help.

4 thoughts on “Colorado Forest Fires: UPDATE

  1. I sure would not want to get that phone call- there are many things I would want to grab- my photo albums, baby books, favorite blankets, and beloved stuffed animals, diapers, wipes and food for the road but in the end- it all can be left behind- I would consider myself very blessed to be able to escape with all of my family with me. My heart goes out to the families in that situation, especially those with children. Praying with you.


    1. I know. I would want to takes my photos and at the very least my backup CDs, but as long as everyone got out safe, that is all that would really matter. It’s 10 p.m. now and the news is just getting worse with another fire added to the list and a lightning storm that threatens to start more fires!


  2. I’ve considered the possibility that the reason for this fire is because God is punishing the sinful. Perhaps you agree? In which case, they likely deserve it.


    1. It is not my place to decide if they “deserve it”. What I would consider is whether or not God does create natural disasters today, like He did in the Bible. And, I wouldn’t say that every natural disaster is the work of God as punishment. Satan creates havoc too. Could the fires be the work of Satan, and the caring spirit of others to help those in need be the work of God?


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