31 things | covet or crave

The prompt word from 31 Things at Big Picture Class was “Covet”. Call me crazy but that just sounds to “Biblical” to me, so I changed the word to “Crave” instead.


TRAVEL, it’s what I crave most.

I have a bucket travel list of places I want to see or do before I die. I am craving to see the world!

I use an online service called Pinterest to tack some of my favorite places that I want to see someday. It’s basically an online bulletin board where you can “pin” images found on the web. I have the same principle in a notebook. When I find interesting things in magazines I will cut it out and tape it in my notebook/journal.

There are other things I crave:

  • Quiet time with my girls;
  • Fresh air;
  • Cool evenings in the backyard;
  • Summer nights sitting on the front porch with friends;
  • A good book I can get lost in;
  • More love;
  • Lazing days for artistic pursuits;
  • Photography and my camera

The things I crave are actually very simple pleasures. I don’t crave an expensive car, although I am dreaming of a Jeep lately, it’s not something I need right now. I crave things that don’t cost a thing; things that make my life less stressful, more peaceful, and happier.


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