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Lately my purchases have revolved around home improvement. Mainly, the exterior of our house.

I have scraped, sanded and painted the exterior of the house trim. I was on top of the garage roof, scraping and sanding, when I realized I don’t like being up that high. When Glenn and I first moved into this house, we painted the whole thing, changing the color scheme. I was the one who was on this side of the house…but that was 15 years ago (and I was 15 years younger).

So, I hired two guys to finish the high trim and second floor windows. After 7 hours of them painting, I didn’t feel they were being efficient. Home improvement is never easy, or fast. I found a few rotted pieces of siding that we will be fixing. Glenn and I picked back up the paintbrush to help finish the job. Glenn asked the neighbor’s teenage son if he would like to get paid to help, and the three of us finished the house in 6 hours. (I am thankful the neighbor kid did the highest and worst part of the job But, I was so scared he would fall off a ladder!)

The house looks so amazing. And, of course, I have noticed areas I need to retouch. (sigh.)

I spray painted all the “accessories” (porch light, house numbers, plant hangers and flag pole holder) black. I installed a new doorbell (because I broke the old one while removing it), which I spray painted black. I ordered new Merlot shutters from Lowe’s online. The shutters are more purple in color than red, but I will match that color to paint the front and back door. Finally, I will have my sort-of-red front door that I have wanted for a long time.

In the next few weeks the contractors will break ground to start our 2-car garage. Then Glenn will have a place to park his ’72 Charger (a.k.a. His Mistress).


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  1. Was hoping for a mother-in law room to be built on top of that big garage. But a cottage in the back yard would be closer to ground level. Ha ha. Love you. He is my favorate son-in law.


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