I watch my girls.

I watch how different they are from one another.

Alexandra: the perfectionist. Parker Faith: the free spirit.

I watch what they say to one another. Sometimes saying such hurtful things it makes my heart ache.

I watch how Alex is growing into a beautiful young lady. A lady that is learning to break out of her “shy” label. I call her reserved, not shy.

I watch how Parker will strike up a conversation with just about anyone, about anything.

I watch Alex being cautious on the ice and in life. I watch Parker be the dare devil. She has told me she wants to run off to join the circus. She will give me show tickets when she comes to town though. Lucky me.

I watch Alex how she is sure about things she wants, or doesn’t want. She usually doesn’t think things over too much, unless she is worried about what I will think about her decision.

Parker, on the other hand, has begged me to get her ears pierced for a year and a half. Once it was go-time she changed her mind, like that was her decision all along. To her, most things are good in theory, not in practice. It’s kind of like joining the circus.

I watch Alex who wants to know what we are doing next, even before we have finished the event we are doing right now.

I watch Parker enjoy the moment. She is truly gifted in this area.

I watch and learn. I love that they are different, most days.

I will catch myself just watching them. Watching them experience life. Watching them laugh. Watching them talk. Watching them play.

Some would call it staring. I prefer to call it watching.


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