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I am not good to watches. I am kind of notorious for losing them.

I have had many expensive watches, of which I have lost over the years.

I lost a diamond watch  in Las Vegas Glenn gave me. It had a bad clasp. I lost another expensive watch (Glenn also gave me) on an airplane to Missouri. And there is a third watch that I misplaced­ — who knows where it is today. This is why I told Glenn to only buy me cheap watches.

But, on my last day at the print shop, my boss, Scott gave me this watch. It’s a Movado. In the watch world…it’s a pretty cool watch.

I love this watch because it’s simple, elegant and beautiful…totally my taste.

Every time I wear this watch I am reminded of my friend & co-worker, Scott’s late wife, Kari. I remember the 14 years working beside her everyday and sharing our lives. We laughed, and sometimes until we cried.

This watch makes me happy and sad at the same time. It’s a constant reminder of the good and the worst day of my life.

I will always cherish this watch for what it represents – I was blessed to have had Kari and Scott as, not only great bosses to work with, but also as friends.

And, yeah, from what I understand, it’s expensive. I hope I don’t lose it!


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