A week in the life as a SAHM

And you thought I’d be sitting around watching home improvement shows all day. Not even close. (Okay, I watch a few.)

I am knee-deep in scrapping the peeling paint on the house trim. I have 2 sides scrapped and primed (except the very high part that I need someone to hold the ladder for). Estimated completion time: 3 weeks. You’re in luck little sis! I won’t put you to work while you are here on vacation.

And then it rained. This morning I had to sand the primed areas because I didn’t get it painted before the rain. The forecast is for 2-3 more days of rain, so today it was a race to beat the rain. There is a rotted board above the garage that needs to be replaced too. Why can’t home improvement projects ever be straight-forward and simple? {Ugh!}

Before and after house combo colors

By the way: Have you heard of MyLowes? Create an account online and you can store all your paint color numbers in your MyLowes account; so no more saving a gazillion empty paint cans. And, pick up the free MyLowes card at the store, register the card on your account, and every time you make a paint purchase (or any other purchase) it automatically logs in your account as long as you scan your MyLowes card at the register. Why didn’t they think of this sooner? I have logged all my old paint colors before the City comes by to pick up the massive pile of paint cans that was stored in my laundry room.

I cannot eat pancakes every morning! Even if they are mini pancakes and of the frozen variety. I did this for 3 days straight and then put the fork down. Mostly because we were out of pancakes…

Drinking coffee from a pretty cup tastes so much better! It’s a little treat everyday. This morning I made a pot of coffee but was in such a rush to get started on the painting that I completely forgot to have a cup!

The snowball bush is in full bloom. They look so spring-pretty on the kitchen table.

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