This is what happens to your stuff when you die.

We held an Estate Sale for our late friend this weekend. His house has sold, so we need to get the stuff out before the closing on the 14th. As the executor of his estate, Hubby and I cleaned and priced it all.

How do you put value on another person’s stuff? Was that his favorite mug to drink coffee in the morning that I just put 25¢ on? What is the China worth, really? Was it handed down from his Mother?

Puts a whole new meaning on the saying, “It’s only stuff“.

What do we do with the giant family portrait when there is no family left to take it? That is the hardest part for us. Here we have photo albums of family pictures but no family to pass it down to. I wouldn’t let hubby throw out the photos. I just can’t throw out photos.  It just feels like throwing away a part of him and I can’t do it.

I’ve read that 50-60 years after you die there will be nobody left that remembers you. How sad is that?

Photos are the last things we leave behind that reminds people “we were here”. Remember me. Remember how I loved you. Remember how much I lived, how much I enjoyed. And the thought of them in a landfill breaks my heart.

Who will remember him when we are gone?

2 thoughts on “This is what happens to your stuff when you die.

  1. I’m glad you didn’t let your husband throw away the family photos. I run estate sales for a living and I know lots of people who love to buy old photos. A professional estate sale company could have helped you with your pricing problems.


    1. Yeah. A pro could have helped but we didn’t feel that there was enough stuff to warrant it. Thanks for stopping by.


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