Like putting lipstick on a pig…

I am kind of addicted to the show Rehab Addict on DIY Network. Host Nicole Curtis uses this term, “like putting lipstick on a pig…” a lot when describing something that is ugly (or a pig) that she is dressing up; but it’s still ugly.

And that is exactly what my laundry room redo is...a pig with lipstick!

**** BEFORE ****

Your typical unfinished basement laundry room (there is a window behind those hanging clothes)


Makes one ask, “What the…?”

Total count: over 12 gallons of house paint plus misc. quarts of paint and thinners, strippers, & caulk

Our City will pick up hazardous household materials once a year for free. All you have to do is go to to check if your city is on the list. Call the phone number, take an inventory of items & they will schedule a pick up date. Easy-peasy.

**** AFTER ****

IKEA paper light cover, old curtain from Alex’s room, cleaned off shelves, clean floors & colorful storage bins
Covering the old, gross shelves with contact paper made a huge difference!
Pretty framed photos I have taken, IKEA clock and kids sculptures make me happy to be doing laundry (almost)

I took out the bookcase that was piled high with junk in this corner. I added the wire shelf and clothes hanger so that clothes will not cover up the window any more. This room is so dark that I need all the light I can get. Even if it is shaded light from under the back porch.

Alex stayed home from school for “take your kid to work day”; and since I am now a SAHM, she helped with this clean out. She didn’t complain once and she was the one who hauled ALL the paint cans (above) out of the basement and into the garage.

It’s still not a pretty room but it feels less like a dungeon. I cleared out so much unwanted and unusable stuff that the house feels lighter! It’s amazing what a good cleaning will do for a room…and all for under $100.

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