First day of a new story

Today is the first day as a stay-at-home mom. I have an extremely long to-do list. Last week I couldn’t wait to attack the list. I had the whole week planned out down to the day and time I will do what item on the list.

Well, it’s Monday. I am tired; and I am blogging instead of scratching something off the list.

Four things I will do today:

  1. Take a large load of donations to Goodwill
  2. Take Thor to the groomers
  3. Grocery shopping at Target
  4. Wash all sheets

I also made an appointment with a dog trainer (or is that human trainer?) for Thursday. So, technically that is five things I am getting done today!

Thor is having behavioral issues that if not taken care of he will be finding a new home. {sigh} More on that later after I see how the trainer goes. I am praying he is a Cesar Milan wannabe and gets us on track.

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