Welcome to the world of competitive figure skating

Alex had her first solo figure skating competition this weekend. She competed last season on a synchronized skating team but this is a completely different league.

The new competition skate dress. I spent hours gluing the jewels on this dress. I thought it was pretty good, but seeing on the ice, I think there isn’t enough bling.

Lacing up her skates and fixing her over-the-boot tights. She finally admitted that she had butterflies in her stomach. Her coach is awesome in helping her work through the butterflies and the pressure.

This photo was taken during warm-up. She skated to Naria’s “The Painting”. She placed 4th. Not bad considering this was her first competition; and against more seasoned skaters, many probably have been competing since they were 4-years-old. We were a little late to that party.

When Alex was 6-years-old  a coach approached me at the rink about private lessons. I laughed. After all, I wasn’t training an Olympic skater. I thought she was way too young to be pushed into competing. Little did I know that I would be knee-deep in the competitive skating world just four years later. If I knew then what I know now… Still, she may have benefited from having that experience earlier. I am eating my words now.

Alex was disappointed in her performance. She fell on one jump; a combination jump she never falls on. She wanted better. It’s something to work towards for the next competition in July.


…And, we went to Rib City for lunch. Parker loves her ribs! She ate a kids rib basket, cole slaw, orange slices and chocolate pie…then complained that Rib City doesn’t give you enough ribs! And, yes, she cut her own hair…again. I am going to lock up the scissors.

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