Butterflies everywhere.

It was spring break for my oldest daughter so we decided to go to the Downtown Aquarium. Stupid us. Everyone else in Denver had the same idea! After doing a drive by to see that the Aquarium ticket line was down the street, looking like at least an hour wait, we went to Plan B: The Butterfly Pavilion.

I know I have posted about the Butterfly Pavilion before, but it’s so cool. (Well, for the most part. More on that later.)

Way cool walking stick
Just a little spider
Butterfly having a snack

Okay, the Butterfly Pavilion is fun. The kids love it. Walking around the humid butterfly habitat is fascinating (and hot) but…their “interactive” exhibits are always disappointing.

Alex had a little blood sugar crash

With that being said, you really don’t go for that anyway. You go to see the outrageously huge cockroaches, to hold the tarantula named Rosie, and to walk among butterflies.

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