Art Journal and Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

Now that I am transitioning from a working mom to a stay-at-home mom I am freaking out a little bit, and not why you might think. What am I going to do with the kids this summer so that I don’t hear the dreaded words, “I am bored!”?

Oh, those are scary words.

I had this idea: Make a summer art journal. I already keep a journal, and this blog is a smaller version of that journal, so why not get the kids involved in journaling too?

An art journal is for more than just writing, it’s for drawing and adding photos too. I bought all three of us a lined notebook in a size that I thought would be good to accommodate all of the above. Then, we covered and decorated it with fun scrapbooking supplies. They just couldn’t wait until summer to start this project!

Parker’s art journal cover
Cover page
We have already started our ultimate to-do list for the summer

The Ultimate to-do list:

  • Paint our toenails funky neon colors
  • Watercolor hearts sheet
  • Paint by numbers masterpiece (bought at the store)
  • Library: make a must-read list
  • Paper mache bowls using a balloon as a form
  • Ice skate (this is a given since Alex will have practice all summer)
  • Swim lessons for Parker
  • Teach Thor to walk on a leash (we are using a dog trainer to help with this)
  • Walk to the park every morning (and lose 20 pounds!)
  • Shaving cream playtime (the kids love this and it’s cheap)
  • Cooking lessons (I will teach the girls to cook easy meals)
  • Nature photoshoot (go for a walk, photograph what you find, put in journal)
  • Nature hikes (Alberta Falls and Bear Lake)
  • Organize laundry room (okay, this is on my list only)
  • Shampoo carpet (again, my list)
  • Strawberry patch, make strawberry shortcake (I will do this!)
  • Play with friends (young and old)
  • Help Grandma move into her new retirement community (we can walk there everyday)
  • Host a bowling party at Fat Cats
  • Visit different and unique parks in Denver
  • Taste test different ice cream shops
  • Visit a farmers market, make something yummy with what we purchased
  • Melted crayons artwork
  • Pick crafts from our craft book
  • Make a camera cap leash
  • Make aprons
  • “Bling” something
  • Make a travel goodie bag for our trip to Gatlinburg in August
  • Visit the art museum, then create a painting from something that inspire us there
  • Of course, we will add to this list throughout the summer…
Journal prompt idea page

I also have a list of journal prompts to get the kids thinking and writing. One of which is to do a taste test between 2 different ice cream shops. And, since my kids LOVE ice cream (who doesn’t?) they are really excited about this one.

Other summer journal prompts:

  • What is your favorite summer food
  • If you could go anywhere this summer, where would it be (research or draw it)
  • Describe your perfect summer day
  • What was the most fun you had this week
  • 10 things that make you happy right now (make a collage from magazines or pictures from the web)
  • What is the weather like outside today
  • What is the funniest thing that happened this week
  • Describe your favorite summer memory every
  • What did you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner today
  • What are you thankful for today

I am sure we will have things on this list that we won’t do. There is just not enough time in the summer. But we will try, and my goal is to pick something almost everyday so that we are not bored.

Oh, yea, here’s another idea: search your city for free days. I have a list of free days for the Aquarium, the Botanical Gardens, National Parks, movie theaters, and various museums. (Find a list for Denver here.)

4 thoughts on “Art Journal and Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

  1. wow you do this non stop entertaining while my kids are there they will never want to come home. because when they say they are bored i tell them i have a list of cleaning they could do,,,,hmmm they all seem to not be bored anymore….go figure.


    1. Um, no I have a different list for your kids…clean the toilets, washing the clothes, vacuum, dust. They won’t want to come back! LOL


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