Where I’ve been.

I haven’t posted much lately. I just figure nobody wants to hear all the sadness that has been going on in our life right now. No one wants to read that depressing mess.

“I am going to go spend quality time with mommy, even though it won’t be any fun.”

Alex proclaimed this one evening this week. She was going to help me hang up and put away clothes in her closet. She has been saying she misses “quality time” with me.

Today, I originally scheduled the day off. We planned to take a trip to IKEA, just the two of us.

Instead, I am writing this in the hospital waiting room. Hubby is having a bi-lateral hernia surgery. I’d rather be at IKEA. I think hubby would rather be there too!

I couldn’t convenience Alex to spend some “quality time” with me at the hospital today, so she is at a friends’ house. (They don’t have school today.)

I am beginning to think she really doesn’t mean quality time but fun quality time. Come on, seeing Daddy in a hospital gown is fun…or at least funny. I resisted the urge to take a photo with my phone. Now I wish I had.

UPDATE: Hubby is home and on pain pills. He had a little trouble coming off the anesthesia. On the ride home I finally had to tell him to be quite because he was acting too stoned for me to carry on a conversation! They say you shouldn’t make any important decision for the first 24 after anesthesia. I figured this would be a perfect time to drive into a dealership and purchase me a brand new Jeep Sahara. But, he really couldn’t focus long enough to hold a pen in his hand. Maybe another time…

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