Life marching on…whether we want it to or not.

I cried on the way home from work. The stress and pressure of keeping things afloat at the office is getting to me. Everyone says it will get easier. I just don’t know when. Life doesn’t stop for death.

Whatever happened to a mourning period?

My little Parker taught me to make dinner. She’s 5. Pigs in a blanket. She was so happy and proud to show me what to do. And she ate all her dinner. There was no whining or asking if she can be done. She should make dinner every night.

Hubby wasn’t feeling very well. Thought he was passing a kidney stone. He wasn’t. He refused to go to urgent care. Why pay all that money for health insurance if you refuse to use it? He ended up going this morning anyway (a friend drove him). It is a hernia. {sigh.}

Alex is across the street playing with her friend. Her friend was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Alex misses her friend. She has known her since they were babies…born 3 months apart. They don’t attend the same elementary school so they don’t see each other that often, even though they live right across the street.

Kari’s memorial service is Friday. The office will be closed.

We’re looking forward to Alex’s sleepover birthday party on Saturday. She is turning 10. And Valentine’s Day is “just around the corner”. We have to buy Valentines and decorate shoe boxes. Hubby will turn 51 in a few week too.

So, life does march on…

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