Retail therapy…’cause it’s cheaper than real therapy.


We skipped ice skating lessons this morning. Alex had a headache and I needed the extra sleep after the stress and sadness of these last 2 weeks. (Sorry coach!) I am still in shock that Kari died from a stroke. Everyone says, “she was so young!” Yes, she was young, but stroke knows no age boundaries. If I think about it too long I cry. We shared an office. I won’t see her sitting at her desk anymore. And now I am doing her job too (or trying to fake my way through it). {sigh.}

So, it was retail therapy today. A trip to Party City for Alex’s 10th birthday party next weekend. $70 in party decorations. I NEVER spend that much on throwaway party items. Ever. But, it’s cheaper than real therapy right now. Thinking about budget and saying “no” makes my brain hurt too. It’s a Monster High Doll/Pirates of the Caribbean theme. I know, weird.

Acupuncture treatment for stress, hormones and this pesky sinus pressure. Four needles in my face and viola…my sinus headache is gone!

Out to lunch with a friend who moved from ‘just down the street’ to an hour away. At 3 Margaritas, my treat. Yummy.

Walmart for birthday presents, pillows, & curtains. Therapy.

Am I any happier? Not really. But I have pretty pillows to lay my head on and cry, if I need too.

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