That’s how we roll in Colorado.

S’mores on the back patio in winter with 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. Because that’s how we roll here in Colorado!

We made these simple s'mores
Hello Moon

 I gave it my best shot (pardon the pun) in capturing the moon from the back patio.

The Denver Broncos and QB Tebow made it another nail-biter with their win in OT against Pittsburgh…Sports Authority at Mile High was rocking! Next week, New England who has had Denver’s number this season. We all need to say a little prayer. Not that God really cares about football, but still, it can’t hurt.

5 thoughts on “That’s how we roll in Colorado.

  1. Did you really have to give me another reason to love s’mores?! It’s so not good for my figure disappearing figure. My kids love our backyard firepit evenings as well, but I have to admit when there is snow on the ground we keep our firesides to our living room fireplace. It sure looked like fun.

    I followed you over from the First Home linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. I know, I know….that’s why I limit my portion to only one! These are sooooo good and less messy than the traditional version. We can also mix it up with coconut marshmallows. Man, I am having a sugar craving!


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