One Little Word, 2012

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. All too often we make a resolution of kicking our caffeine habit…losing weight…eating less junk food…or whatever. We do alright at first. Maybe even last a few months but by March we fall back into our old habits again. I like the idea instead of picking one little word for the year and allowing that to be my focus.

Resolutions are too vague. I’ve read that one-third of us who make a “resolution” for the new year dump it within 2 weeks and 50% of the rest say “forget about it” within 2 months. Besides, you can start a diet any day of the week, or any time of the year. For 4 years now I have chosen “one word” rather than make a resolution.

The idea behind the one little word concept is to give yourself something to focus on throughout the year…”A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.”

This concept is totally from Ali Edwards. I have found this works much better for me than resolutions.

In 2009 my one word was “be”, as in “just be in the moment.” I struggled with being in the moment at first. It had to be a conscious decision and I still remind myself of it today. It’s not a trait that comes naturally to me.

In 2010 my one word was “faith”. I think I did pretty well that year. I renewed my faith and continued reading the Bible. I still have many more Books to read but “it’s the journey, not the destination” or “it’s a long road, but the reward is great.” However you want to look at it, I will still be working on faith throughout my life.

In 2011 my one word was “nourish”. Nourish encompassed my whole feeling of what I want in the upcoming year to be. For my mind. For my body. For my soul.

This year my word is “explore”. If I knew then what I know now I would have chosen a different career path. No offense to my current employers, I am thankful for a job with such great bosses, but still, I wish I had been brave enough to have explored the world before settling down. Sure, I thought I was brave moving from small town Missouri to the big city of Denver, knowing only the friend who was moving with me.

At 19, I thought it was going to be an adventure, but it was a controlled adventure. My mom forbid me to move to NYC, so Denver was the alternative. It was the safe adventure.

I dreamed of seeing the world; NYC, Paris, London. As a teenager I had posters of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben on my walls (next to Duran Duran and other rock stars, of course).

What if I had packed it all up, ignored the naysayers, and hit the road? How different would my life have been?

But, you can’t change your history, only your future.

I am devoting this year to exploring my world, where I am right now.

ex•plo•re – the act of searching or traveling around a terrain for the purpose of discovery of resources or information.

So, what’s your “one little word” for 2012? What do you want to accomplish or focus on in the coming year? I challenge you to create something, anything that will help you focus on your word in the coming year. Maybe I should post my word on the fridge…

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