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Going to the movies is always an adventure.

As a family, we go to a movie theater maybe twice a year. It’s just too expensive between the ticket price of $32 and snacks price of $38. But, since the kids are home from school, we decided to see We Bought a Zoo at AMC on Tuesday.

Parker took this opportunity to throw up in the middle of the 2 hour movie. I told the restroom attendant, “At least she made it to the trash can!” She was a very kind AMC employee, showing care that Parker was okay and letting me know that I could get my money back if we leave the theater. As we left to take our sick kid home, Glenn got passes to come back at a later date.

Then Glenn realized he lost his glasses and is convinced they fell out of his pocket at the movie theater. Instead of turning around while we were still in the neighborhood (as I suggested), be chose to “take care of it later”. Later, he makes several phone calls to the theater and even a return visit to look for the $400 glasses with no luck. This has made this movie visit very expensive, not to mention it has made me a very irritated wife.

So, we tried again on Thursday. This time we took in a few of our own snacks but did buy drinks at the concession stand. (Did you know most theaters are okay with this? Day cares and schools always take in their own food when on field trips.) Parker did not throw up, but she did get very restless.

Based on a true story, We Bought a Zoo is good movie. The little girl who plays Matt Damon’s daughter is a scene stealer. However, Matt Damon’s character lost his wife to illness, so he spends a lot of time crying and missing her. His son acts out, rightly so. It has more serious moments than comedy. It is not a light-hearted romp through owning a zoo.

And apparently watching Matt Damon cry is not very appealing to a five-year-old.

Alex took this opportunity to show me that she is more like her father than I admit by leaving her winter coat in the theater. And she was so kind as to wait until we got all the way home to mention it! Glenn said he would go back and pick it up in the morning. I chose to drive back right then, because I am not making that same mistake twice in one week. He may have lost his glasses but I will not buy a new winter coat.

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