Giving the gift of technology

December Daily | Day 26

photo by jstunkard

Giving the gift of technology (to someone who finds a simple cell phone a challenge) can be a health risk. And by health I mean your sanity.

We gave my 83-year-old mother-in-law a Kindle Touch for Christmas. She doesn’t have the internet; never has, so we got the 3G upgrade. She can download books just about anywhere without worrying about finding a WiFi hotspot.

The problem? She has never had internet…so she doesn’t have email. You must have an email address to create an Amazon account and register your Kindle.

“Can’t you just put in a fake email?” she asked.


“Are you sure?”


I do it anyway to prove it to her.

I have to bring the Kindle Touch home to use my laptop with WiFi to set up an email account she will never use just so she can download books using gift cards I gave her. Sigh.

Now I am even more convinced if you don’t have internet you will get left behind.

Fast forward 24 hours. She is at our house using her registered Kindle Touch. She loves the feature to enlarge the text so she can read the print. She is even downloading books with little instruction from me. She is playing with the Sudoku book I bought her. I think she likes it.  Now, if an 83-year-old woman can do it, anyone can!

frost on our windows.

2 thoughts on “Giving the gift of technology

  1. Thanks for the one you got me. I’m 59 an it is a challange for me. My son-law to be one of this days I hope is laughing at me all the way. Hope I get it figured out before I go back home. Not sure I am ready for all this.


    1. If Mary can do it so can you! You’re not as dumb as you think! Carl might make fun of ya, but someday he will be there too.


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