Our Christmas Letter

Every year my hubby writes our family Christmas letter; and every year family (most notably, his aunts) look forward to reading it. Some would say including a letter with your Christmas card is about as fashionable as a hand-knitted-bedazzled Christmas sweater. Although it may be a little dated, he doesn’t write your typical Christmas letter.

Most of the time the Christmas letters I get in the mail are a glowing recap of the year’s events. I think, “Man, this guy’s life is fantastic!” I mean no disrespect because I love to hear from family and friends that I don’t get a chance to talk to but a few times a year. Why are you telling me only the “good” stuff?

Sure, hubby’s letter includes our-kids-are-great-the-job-is-great-our-health-is-great kind of stuff, but he also likes to keep it real. Good and bad. Funny or weird. And this year “real” meant we lost a lot of loved ones who where very dear to us.

Because real life is not made up of just the good stuff.


Merry Christmas to All!

 I hate to start a Christmas letter on the gloomy side, but I feel that we should all take a moment to remember all those who have passed this year. There were a lot of friends and family members that went on to a better place and I want to recognize them.

 In January, we lost our very good friend Don. He lived a long and adventurous life.

Our beloved beagle, Bailey, lost her battle with Cushings disease in June after 15 years. We will miss her dearly.

My Mother-in Law’s husband, Ron, passed from ALS after a long and tortuous struggle. God bless him.

 Harley’s step son, Ryan, died in July at just 23 years old. That is just too soon. And Aunt Genie, whose smile I cannot get out of my mind.

 My best friend lost his father in September. I knew him since I was sixteen. I golfed with him and valued his advice throughout the years. But a bigger shocker was my best friend, Ed, who died just three weeks later. He was the kind of friend you just cannot replace. I will miss them both dearly.

 And finally, let us not forget Amy’s father who passed recently. He too had led a long and productive life.

 We know there are others that you all have lost that we do not know or are not aware of, so please, to everyone, we issue our sincere condolences.

 I thought the Second Coming was upon us with all those that we lost suddenly, but it appears we are all safe…for now.

 Oh my goodness, what a year! We have two new family members (thanks to my buddy Ed and his father). Thor is an 85 pound black Lab and Rocco is a 9 pound white Poodle. What a pair! Both are great dogs and well behaved… most of the time.

Alexandra turned nine somehow and loves to ice skate. We are so proud of her as she takes private lessons and does individual skate exhibitions. She did her first show just last week and I had to tear up watching her. She is so beautiful on the ice. Soon she will be competing in the Olympics and making us lots of money! She is still an A-B student at school and is in 4th grade. Have you seen the math 4th graders are learning? Word problems, algebra, fractions, theorems. Calculus must be next year. How will I help then?

 Parker, aka Park E. Bear, is now five. She is just so precious that even her temper-tantrums make us smile. She swings and plays without fear. She wants to try everything and has even begun ice skating. Lessons are next. Jeri skates also. I fall down just looking at the ice. Guess I will just sit on the sidelines and cheer them on.

 Jeri and I have both been so busy with work and the kids, we have had time for very little else but we did get to the Flinn family reunion (Mom’s maternal side) in Fort Worth this year. We had a great time and hope to attend more. We both had good years in business and are both healthy and happy. We look forward to 2012 and hope to see, or at least hear from, all of you soon.

 Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Glenn, Jeri, Ally-gator, Park E. Bear..GRRR, Thor and Rocco

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