December Daily | Day 22…snow day

I am snowed in on my day off, again. How is that for luck? At least I didn’t have to brave the commute to work this morning.

Thor loves the snow

“…the closest thing to heaven anywhere is a quiet (almost) Christmas morning in the Colorado snow.” –Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Officially Broomfield, Colorado got 12 inches in total. We busied ourselves making candy for the neighbors.

Parker is taking this very seriously
Chocolate pretzels and peppermint candies...yum!
Chocolate spoons are going to be awesome in my coffee tomorrow!
Luther playing in the snow

We are keeping an eye on our friend’s dog, Luther, while they are in California. He is just a puppy but he is almost as big as Thor (our lab). He came over for a play date in the snow with Thor today. He is sleeping at his house though because Rocco (our poodle) can’t play nice. There is nothing funnier than watching a 9 pound poodle put a 60 pound hound in his place…and the hound backing off. Just look at the muscle on that dog!

Snowflake chocolates

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