December Daily | Day 9

What a busy day! I took the day off to do a little Christmas shopping with hubby. We went to the mall. We even had lunch together. It was so nice to be at the mall and not have to worry about where the kids are, or not to get half way across the mall just to turn around and go back to the food court to find a restroom because the 5-year-old has to go potty RIGHT NOW. It was actually enjoyable to be in the mall.

Then, Parker had her holiday recital at pre-school. At least this year she didn’t hit anyone on stage this year!

Waiting in line to see Santa. "What's taking so long?"

This is the second time Parker has sat on Santa’s lap this year. If she doesn’t get the Barbie she has asked for this year, she will begin to think something is up with Santa’s memory. Unlike Alex, Parker has no problem climbing up on his lap.

Alex had her first exhibition as a single skater this evening. It was outdoors and about 20 degrees at show time. Brrrrr! She said she wasn’t nervous, just excited. But she forgot her spiral. Her coach yelled it out at her and she did it. The most beautiful part of her routine and she forgot it…I think she was a little nervous. She took forgetting it well. Her scratch spin was awesome. She has been working hard on it the last few weeks.

"It's the Greatest Time of the Year" by Ally & AJ

Scratch Spin
Slide from "shoot the duck"...tada!

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