December Daily | 4…lesson in photography

December Daily, day 4:  So, I wanted to try this with my Christmas Lights for our Christmas card:

Find the tutorial of Bokeh HERE at Kevin & Amanda.

The above effect required an aperture of  f/1.8, 1/40 sec, 1600 ISO. Try as I might, (because of the type of lens I have) I could not get my Sony DSLR to these settings. Sigh. So, I got this instead:

Sony 55mm, aperture f/4.5 & ISO 400, 1/2 sec.

I did figure out how to change the ISO on my camera. {duh.} But, still, I couldn’t get the effect I was really looking for. Not to mention I don’t have a very patience subject! If you are just starting out with your DSLR, Amanda also has many great tutorials worth checking out on her blog.

Then I tried this with the girls and the very uncooperative dogs:

Sony 55mm, f/5.6, 1600 ISO, 1/125 sec
One of the photos on our Christmas card

A word of advice: don’t let your kid eat a bright blue Airhead right before a photo shoot because you will need to do a lot of retouching of her teeth! Unless you like blue teeth, then let her chew away.


Tonight is Ed’s “Celebration of Life” memorial service. Then, tomorrow is the graveside service. I think hubby will crash and burn tomorrow. It will finally hit him that it is final. His good friend is gone from his life. Their story together has ended. We have his dogs. His memory will live on and we will be reminded of him everyday. It’s not an ending, but a new beginning.

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