I think they are making themselves at home

So, the saga continues… Let me just say (again) if you die and the executor of your will is not a relative, well, that makes things really complicated! Everything has to go through probate. Any living relatives (no matter how far removed) get a chance to contest the will. Don’t  forget to get the will finalized by a notary so there is no question whether the will is legal.

Hubby is still sorting things out, tracking down accounts, bills and legal documents. He is looking ahead to an estate sale; a daunting task. This could drag on for 5 months or more!

In the meantime…the dogs he inherited are making themselves at home.

Rocco taking another nap on the couch

For such a little dog (he weighs 10 pounds wet) he sure does take a lot of naps. He may be part cat! He stands his ground and takes no crap from any other dog. He put Thor in his place…right behind him! He has a sweet temperament. Has a sensitive stomach. (Let’s just say I know this because it involves me cleaning up diarrhea…more than once in 2 weeks.) He did not care for the crate the first few nights, but now goes in it willingly. He loves on Alex and Parker. And, he carried his sweater (we stole it off a teddy bear), dropped it at my feet, looked up at me and barked. I guess he really is a diva! Maybe we should call him Pierre.

Standing watch (on the back of the couch)
Thor...want to play?

“Wanna play? Let’s play! Look, I brought you the ball, let’s play, wanna play? let’s play, come on let’s play, look, there’s the ball, see at your feet, there’s the ball, let’s play, come on, let’s play, it’s not that cold, let’s play ball, see the ball, I brought you the ball, come on, come on, come on…get the ball!”

See the ball?

Thor always has that look on his face of  “let’s play”. He can’t walk on a leash to save his life. How soon can Cesar Millan be at my house? All stuffed animals must be put away or they will be destroyed. (We have lost 2 already.) He thinks he is a small dog, not an 85 pound bear. He will let the girls pull and lay on him without getting irritated. He confuses the doorbell on TV with a real doorbell and barks to let the whole neighborhood know it. If he wasn’t such a good-tempered dog I would have to find him a new home. But I think he has a home right here. Can someone please get the ball?

Update 11/7/11: Hubby has set a date for the “Celebration of Life” for our friend with a memorial service the following day. It’s fitting that we have a party for our friend, he would enjoy that. While going through the paperwork, hubby has found his friend gave generously to many organizations, most of which he never told his friends about. It just goes to show that you really don’t know people…even your best of friends. Sad it takes a death to realize it. Probate is on Tuesday, so cross you fingers all goes well in court.

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  1. i was sitting looking at your husband eating his scrambled eggs and bacon while sitting on the sofa, when the dog dropped the tennis ball on the floor and it bounced right up, into the middle of the plate. how i laughed and laughed at that sight, i will never forget the look on his face. the dog loved getting all the eggs an bacon for breakfest. so funny every time i think of it.


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