In honor of Halloween…a ghost story.

One of America’s most haunted homes…The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Have you heard this ghost story?

The master of The Myrtles, Judge Clarke Woodruff, was having an affair with a slave named Chloe. To make his extra curricular activities more convenient, he moved Chloe up to the house to care for his children. Chloe planned to gain power in the household by eavesdropping on conversations of the Judge and his prominent guests. Her plan backfired when one day the Judge caught her eavesdropping. In front of his friends, Woodruff made an example of Chloe by cutting off her left ear. Chloe was then banished from the house and forced to work harsh labor on the plantation.

Chloe’s fate continued HERE.

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  1. My 16 year old grandsons MOST favorite haunted mansion!!!! We are planning a trip for next summer , him and I. It is only about an hour north of Baton Rouge.We’re going to SPEND the NIGHT !!!


    1. You’re braver than me! I got the chills just taking the tour and it was during the day. Let me know how that sleepover turns out.


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