Goodbye autumn…hello winter?

This month… In front of our house there is a huge ash tree. It provides great shade during the summer. We sit under it on the front porch during rain storms and barely get wet. It turns the most brilliant yellow in the fall, then, when the leaves fall the cal-de-sac kids bring their own rakes to play in the leaves.

the changing of the colors

Today… It snowed in Denver. I don’t know if you know this, but it snows here. That fact seems to surprise the weather-casters every time. They get very excited at the sight of snowflakes; as if they have never saw snow before. I think secretly they are praying for a 2 foot blizzard. That would really make their day. Does that happen where you live?

Or, maybe it’s because nothing very exciting weather-wise happens here. We don’t have hurricanes. Very rarely do we see tornadoes in the Metro area. When it rains heavily, the streets do flood. Forest fires and snow, that’s what Colorado has. The weather-casters predicted 6-12 inches of snow. We got (maybe) 4 inches where we live. It wasn’t even enough for the schools to call a snow day. Okay, I was secretly praying for a snow day.

tire swing in the backyard

Our two inherited dogs are adjusting to their new home. Thor, the black lab, was making snow angles in the backyard this morning. Nothing like the smell of a 85 pound wet dog to wake you up!

Thor in the snow

One thought on “Goodbye autumn…hello winter?

  1. What a beautiful tree! The memories it must have created, and will continue to make…
    We get snow here (Calgary); I hope not for a long while yet. The mountains are already white though, so it can’t be far behind.


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