Inheriting dogs

I have mentioned that my husband’s best friend from high school passed away a few weeks ago. In his will, Husband was willed his black lab. And because the friend’s father also died a few weeks before him, he had inherited a French poodle. We intern, inherited both dogs!

Thor (a.k.a. Thorberg or Thorbee)

Choosing an executor of your will:  Please let that person know before you die. We were caught off guard that the friend had chosen hubby to be his executor. Being an executor of an estate is a huge responsibility and very stressful. Unfortunately, because of this, my hubby hasn’t had time to grieve for his friend. There has been too many details to take care of, including his burial (he had no other family who was willing to make the arrangements). Although the lawyer is taking care of much of the details of the estate, there is still so much to take care of.

“If you have been named executor for a friend or family member, keep in mind that this is your final act of friendship. The deceased trusted you enough to give you this responsibility. You should be honored by that trust as you fulfill your duties as executor.” {Source}

Rocco, the French poodle

When we found out that it was hubby’s responsibility to handle everything for his friend, my hubby was honored and humbled. I know when we chose an executor for our will, we gave it careful thought: Who will speak for us when we are gone? Who will carry out our wishes for our children?

We haven’t lost sight that it is hubby’s job as executor to speak for his friend; carry out his final wishes. He chose hubby because he knew he would do so. We are doing our very best to integrate our friend’s beloved pets into our home and family.

8 thoughts on “Inheriting dogs

  1. It is a big job, but carries with it the feeling of setting things in their final requested order. An honourable task.


  2. I’m so sorry your husband is having to carry this weight but you are right, it is a great honor. Enjoy your two new loves, I hope they bring you a lot of happiness.


    1. Thank you. We lost our beloved Beagle in June of this year, so we were not ready for another dog…or 2! But these guys are so loving that it is hard not to say, “okay”.


  3. Really??? I thought it would be better to surprise you , but fine you are my executor…..well your a back up executor if Carl dies with me. And I willed you my kids and dogs but they say you can’t really will kids so you may of lucked out there lol.


    1. Well, you’re not our executor but you do get the kids if me and Glenn dies together…and now I guess I need to amend my will so you get the 2 dogs too! You think the wiener dogs will be okay with that? LOL


  4. Wow that is a good story….I am sure these dogs will do their best to bring happy times to your home. Once everything settles down, the memories will be sweet and the future even sweeter.


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