A Halloween Birthday Party

My little Park E. Bear is turning 5 years old this week. Hard to believe…isn’t it always? She is such a funny little character. She is a sponge which means she absorbs every little “bad” word I say, then repeats it. She is a kissy bear too; always giving me kisses.

This year Parker proclaimed she wanted to have a Halloween themed birthday party and a witch cake. A few years ago I attempted to bake a Barbie princess cake for Alex. I failed miserably. What do they say? Try, try again.

So I did.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

I used a Wilton’s Barbie Cake Mold, two 8″ rounds for the bottom of the cake and lots of sprinkles. The broom is made out of a paintbrush and the hat is made from black card stock glued to the doll’s head. Betty Crocker has this great YouTube video on how to make this cake. And you don’t need a Wilton’s cake mold…it is extremely helpful.

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Also on the menu: Brain Freeze Punch. The brain mold I found at Target. It was a mold for gummy brains, which was so gross even the kids wouldn’t eat it! I filled the brain mold with lemonade and green food coloring to make a brain ice cube to add to the cherry Kool Aid. I also froze one brain with just lemonade, no food coloring.

Brain Freeze Punch

The cups with lids, also from Target, were a lifesaver as Parker proved the lids did work when she dropped her cup on the living room carpet. The stickers are from Joann Fabrics.

Fun and Games: Bobbing for Apples. I wasn’t sure if the kids would enjoy this. It was a request of Parker’s. The spit factor kind of grossed a few of the kids out. But over all it was a hit. Mummy Wrap. I decided to do this at the very last minute, but the kids had fun wrapping the parents in toilet paper. And then the parents wrapped the kids. Witch Pitch. I have no picture of this but below is the photo from Tip Junkie where I found the idea. The older kids had more fun with this one.

Bobbing For Apples
Mummy Wrap
Witch Pitch
Parker Blowing Out The Candles

More great ideas at todayscreativeblog.net

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